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Scientific innovations show their colors every field of life, so they do in lawn “art.” As a result, one can see numerous new technologies using in landscaping.  Now lawn mowing is not a hectic task. One can easily do that through latest lawn mowers.  The robotic lawn mower is the invention in the lawn mower, making things easiest for the gardeners. However robotic lawn mowers have some positive and negative points attached to it. Similarly, it is not true that robotic lawn mowers are the best choice for everyone yet it eases most of the time and makes life easier for many. So let’s study that in how many ways robotic lawn mowers are best and places where they shouldn’t be used.

1-Benefits of Robotic Lawn Mower:


Convenience  is the best feature of robotic lawn mowers.  One can control lawn mower through one`s smartphones even. Moreover, there is special remote control comes with robotic lawn mowers which make control easier. This type of lawn mowers is best to be used on a commercial level. Moreover, houses and buildings with large gardens should buy these as it will be safe time and effort too.

II-Safe to Use:

People who use robotic lawn mowers or manufacturers claim it as”safe to use.” In reality, it is, as it shut off itself when reaches some slop titled down. Moreover interestingly when this type of lawn mowers touches some tree, stone or any hard matter, it will automatically reverse. One can select new direction after mower is reversing. Moreover, people who have hay infection can mow their own lawn through a robotic lawn mower.

III-Environmental Friendly with fewer Efforts:

Robotic lawn mowers are environmentally friendly. Consider lawn mowers which need patrol, or any fuel to move will definitely leave an adverse effect on the environment. So these robotic lawn mowers will work without any such fuel so will not increase pollution in the environment. This type of lawn mowers can cut small grass even so the garden is always cleaned. Moreover, this lawn mower will cut the garden in the night too. Eventually one will mow with fewer efforts.

2-Darker Side:

I-Single Task:

The robotic lawn mower is equipped to work on the single task, and that is cutting. Moreover, it is usually designed to work on straight paths, so any curve or slop will remain intact with a robotic lawn mower.

II-Unsuitable for Small Lawns:

Robotic lawn mowers are though not that costly, but people with small lawns will definitely want to call some local gardeners.

III-High Maintenance Cost:

One can easily find technician for normal lawn mowers. If there is some problem with robotic lawn mowers, then one will find an authentic technician with great difficulty. Repairing of robotic lawn mowers is something very rare so imagine authenticity of its spare parts.


Concluding robotic lawn mower is good for many, and for some it is useless and burden. If peoples having large garden, then they should opt for robotic lawn mower