You can ask Allah to make good Quran friends for you. There are many groups to make good friends too but the things can lead to unrelated things. Most of you have wonder where you have ended the Quran lesson which is without the convenience of learning from home. It can happen that you have ended up the time with gossips and taking the phone calls and you can also be resorted the literature that is very inappropriate according to the environment. So it is your duty to judge how much knowledge you have gained from online quran classes. We are discussing here some tips and tricks, how we get more knowledge by following these points in mind.

Use Appropriate Tools to Maintain your Lessons

You can capture a lot of texts and attachments and organize your notes in a better way with the help of this tool. You can use tags for every topic and once you are familiar with this tool you can use its advanced features. It will just take the resource management capability to the advanced level. If you prefer taking the notes on your computer then must maintain regular backups.

Respect the Online Teacher Show your Interest by Your Actions

It is not good that you search for your notes when the teacher is asking you any question related to the topic being taught at the time. So your availability is the must thing and it should be 5 minutes before the lesson starts. Also, try to solve all of your technical obstacles before your lesson is getting started. In this way, you will be able to overcome the delay caused by you. So by working on these guidelines, you will be able to make your lessons more special.

Always be on Time

The other most important thing is that you must respect the schedule that they have set for you to teach Quran online. You can join them on Facebook, Whatsapp, and on Skype and it will be very nice. So make sure that you are not disturbing them on any privilege that they have provided you to access them. Also, you can not expect and force them to reply you at any time during the day.  Only you have to adjust yourself with their convenience or you have to set a mutual schedule that can be beneficial for both the teacher and student. Make sure that you have already informed your teacher that you can be late for a few minutes.

Home is heaven for everyone. Home is the place where one gets pleasure, peace, and comfort. People make heavy investments in making our place a house. For this reason, they want to change the look more often. Some people pay special attention towards each item themselves. Some people hires an interior designer who is expert in their field. One thing is sure in both cases that you have to some homework. You should think what you want and what is appropriate, also what is your budget. Every home store will guide you something so take their suggestion seriously. For your ease, we have some suggestion.


Painting the house is the first thing comes to mind whenever one thinks about the renovation. Sometimes changing the color of exterior and interior will bring great change. One can go for different types of colorize. Matt, bright, velvety or even painting different drawing is also drawing attention. Make some drawing and ask kids to will be fun and facility both. Modern hues are “in” these days.

2-Living Room:

The living room is the place where families interact,sits and discuss.  It is the place where important decisions take place. So keep the lounge cozy and comfortable. Remember lounge shouldn’t look like a Drawing room. Change sofas or sofa clothes, put fewer cousins. The Central table should be neat, wth runner. Select table without draws this time. Glass tables are attracting attentions. A lounge should have at least one mirror or painting. Country style paintings or farm house looks are getting attention in the lounge.

3-Corner at storage

Corners in the house are normally left undone. If someone thinks about them, they place lamp or planter in the corner. However, one can use them as a storage area.Ladder style rack can be placed in the corner. Arrange some cushioned sitting in the corner. Cushioned sitting beneath staircase is an additional sitting place. A bookshelf is another thing to accommodate in the corner, and sitting area beneath it will create a mini library in the corner.

Whatever Home Decoration Suggestion you got, arrange them and think what is most appropriate according to your mind, budget, and availability of sources.