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Well if we talk about the profile pictures that can be used are many! You can see what your friend have a Whatsapp dp. Hey, but wait do you still have some friends but cannot view or see their Whatsapp dp. Whatsapp disappeared and instead, a gray silhouette was seen. We tell you what is happening and it has to do with a new and controversial measure to safeguard the privacy of the application. WhatsApp, perhaps due to pressure from new competitors such as Telegram, is catching up with privacy issues in its application and some users, especially those who installed the latest beta, have noticed that some of the contacts they have, suddenly, they appear without the profile picture.

This happens when one of the two does not have the other in their contact list, so now Whatsapp dp to protect the user from possible indiscriminate spam of strangers, prevents the images of the profile can be seen and instead puts a gray silhouette. In this way, digital “gossips” can no longer see the image of contacts only by adding their phone to their calendar. In theory, it’s something that WhatsApp is testing only in the beta of the Android application, and it can only be downloaded from the official website and installed “by hand”. Knowing that there are u that are also noticing so much in the latest stable version of the application for the operating system of Google as in other platforms, we have tested and both in iOS and Windows Phone, as you can see in the image, It also happens.

We confirm what happens and that as soon as the other contact adds us when restarting the application; we can see your photo. And also, that while we have an aggregate contact, we cannot see your photo, but we can see your last status as well as the last time you have connected to the application.

Whatsapp dp -A measure that is not liking anything:

The measure far from being well received by the community is raising quite a lot of complaints among users of the messaging application who saw, precisely, in that possibility to identify users through the image one of the biggest advantages of WhatsApp. This allowed, for example, to know if the phone we had a contract still belongs to the same person or, more usually, if you have several to know which of them uses messaging through this app.

On the contrary, they see much more necessary to finish with other details that remain public, such as the state or, above all, the last hour of connection that seems unnecessary to many, a source of problems and, as we have said, is still something that can see anyone. And you have noticed this new measure among your WhatsApp contacts? Do you think it’s a good idea or do you see something counterproductive? Will you move to another alternative if this measure is maintained?