Nowadays everyone is so busy and they are trying to do work as soon as possible, so if you are one of those people and you need to find a way to make your work easier, then here are few of the best quirky life hacks, which you can try and can make your life a lot easier.

  1. If you work in a kitchen and you always spill your water while boiling, all you need to do is, place a wooden spoon on top of the boiling pan and then just leave it. This will stop the water from boiling over and it will not split it as well.


  1. If your furniture is old and it badly needs a polish, but somehow you are not able to get it done or anything like that, there is one thing, which can help you. We all have bananas at our home, just take the peel of a banana and rub it on your furniture, banana peels are great and work really well to polish furniture, and if you want to polish anything metallic, then use toothpaste.


  1. If you have a stain on your carpet and you are worried that it will not go away, then just spill some salt over that stain and leave it for a couple of hours, then clean and vacuum it, the stain will go away, if it is a red wine stain then it might not, other than that any stain will disappear with this hack.


So, these are few of the amazing quirky life hacks, which you need to know if you want to make your life easier. Go and try these great house hacks right now, they are really easy and helpful as well.

Home is heaven for everyone. Home is the place where one gets pleasure, peace, and comfort. People make heavy investments in making our place a house. For this reason, they want to change the look more often. Some people pay special attention towards each item themselves. Some people hires an interior designer who is expert in their field. One thing is sure in both cases that you have to some homework. You should think what you want and what is appropriate, also what is your budget. Every home store will guide you something so take their suggestion seriously. For your ease, we have some suggestion.


Painting the house is the first thing comes to mind whenever one thinks about the renovation. Sometimes changing the color of exterior and interior will bring great change. One can go for different types of colorize. Matt, bright, velvety or even painting different drawing is also drawing attention. Make some drawing and ask kids to will be fun and facility both. Modern hues are “in” these days.

2-Living Room:

The living room is the place where families interact,sits and discuss.  It is the place where important decisions take place. So keep the lounge cozy and comfortable. Remember lounge shouldn’t look like a Drawing room. Change sofas or sofa clothes, put fewer cousins. The Central table should be neat, wth runner. Select table without draws this time. Glass tables are attracting attentions. A lounge should have at least one mirror or painting. Country style paintings or farm house looks are getting attention in the lounge.

3-Corner at storage

Corners in the house are normally left undone. If someone thinks about them, they place lamp or planter in the corner. However, one can use them as a storage area.Ladder style rack can be placed in the corner. Arrange some cushioned sitting in the corner. Cushioned sitting beneath staircase is an additional sitting place. A bookshelf is another thing to accommodate in the corner, and sitting area beneath it will create a mini library in the corner.

Whatever Home Decoration Suggestion you got, arrange them and think what is most appropriate according to your mind, budget, and availability of sources.