In the previous article as I discussed the causes and explanation of ischias here I’m going to mention it’s diagnosis and few of the effective treatments of it. Health care professionals diagnose ischias, made diagnosis with physical and medical history. Some ct scan and tests are conducted to make complete diagnosis. X rays are also used to define exact causes of it.

What is the possible Treatment ?

After complete diagnosis, treatments are planned to treat the disease. Health care professionals treat sciatica according to their severity. The treatment may be of different kind like medicine, gynaecology, pain management and orthopaedic. Health care professionals provide treatment plan including physical therapy, massage therapy and psychological treatments as well. Besides these some other treatment plans are also there but they depend on its severity.

Besides the therapies I mentioned above many other treatment options are too there. Therpist also say to take complete bed rest for efficient treatment. Bed rest has been traditionally advocated for the treatment of acute ischias .  It is useful and can prove to be effective. Even research has proven that many therapists experimentally assigned sciatic patients to this treatment and outcomes showed that they recovered. So it shows that bed rest of actually effective in treating ischias. So if you are struggling with it try bed rest hopefully you’ll recover soon. In addition to these as I discussed other treatment options are too there but it all depends on the causes and severity of it. Treatments are addressed according to the forms like acute or chronic. Medications are also implemented like relaxants or pain relievers that helps you relieve pain soon. Even injections can sometimes be effective in treating ischias.

What is it’s Duration? For how long does it lasts?

After all the things I mentioned above the next important thing to discuss is it’s duration like for how much duration it does last. So how long does ischias lasts. It all depends on the cause and severity. Temporary sciatica lasts from few days to weeks. As far as chronic ischias is concerned it can last until intervention or surgery is performed.

This disease can be treated by medications, bed rests and therpies but therapists also say that even chronic form has chances to recover from yoga or excercise. So home remedies and excercises to include relief from pain. All the effective excercises are recommended and guided by the therapists. It can help to prevent the long lasting effects. So it means it can be cured naturally and permanently using home remedies. The disease can be cured in several ways.