When you have your food that is tasteless boiled and overall it gives you the unpleasant vibe, it is such a difficult task to carry on dieting with such a boring type of meal. But imagine there was a way to cook tasty meals with all the required nutrition in it, wouldn’t that be totally amazing?

The principle eating according to the diet plan:

  • 6 meals a day
  • Eating is compulsory every 2 to 3 hours
  • Eat enough as required for the stomach
  • Drink as much as water possible
  • Avoid eating junk food

5 supplements which are essential for the body:

  • Protein powder
  • Fish oil
  • Glutamine
  • Creatine
  • Multi – vitamins

 How much proportion of each food has to be included in your meals?

  1. Vegetables – 3 fist sized portions
  2. Protein – 2 palm sized portion
  3. Fruits, whole grains or starch – 1 fist sized portion
  4. Healthy fats – ¼ cup
  5. Water – 1 large glass

 What types of food can be included in your meals? Basically all types, here are few categories mentioned with a few examples:

  • Desserts: most of the diet plans do not allow eating of desserts but in this program you can definitely have some yummy stuff like the Mango Lime Mousse, Banana Cream Pie among the rest.
  • Snacks and bars: these kinds of snacks do tend to be carb heavy but there is enough protein that has been added so that the muscles get the required amount of amino acid once the workout has been completed. The snacks included here will be Protein Fudge Bars, zucchini bread and so on.
  • Breakfast: this section is heavier on the fruit, vegetable and protein side compared to the starch. The yummy recipes for breakfast can include vanilla cream oatmeal, zucchini hash browns or even low carb spinach scramble.
  • Red meat and pork: this section has some delicious dishes to offer which include Lebanese beek kebabs, Southwest beef and Jamaican Pork.
  • Fish and seafood: how can a diet ever be complete without fish? The fish option recipes are Cajun Shrimp, Creole Tilapia and there are 15 recipes which can help you make canned tuna.

The anabolic cooking is a course that is designed in a way that helps you eat the food that will promote building of the muscles as soon as possible. This book will also explain in detail the various components of the diet which are essential for the body.